• Cultural Competency
  • Early Literacy
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Leadership
  • Play and Humor
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Motivational
  • Black Male Achievement

Big Praise

“Throughout the presentation, Alvin was highly engaging. His use of photos, his own stories, and relevant examples kept the audience’s attention throughout. Alvin’s presentation style was interactive and he effectively used humor to make himself and the topic relatable. It was clear from feedback from our team that staff walked away inspired, energized, and equipped with lessons learned and important definitions and concepts.” – Danial Dobin, Chief of Staff, BELL (Building Educated Leaders for Life)

“I appreciate the probing questions he asked during presentation preparation, which resulted in a keynote address that demonstrated understanding of the audience, our organization, and the key themes around education and equity that fit perfectly. Our convening surveys affirmed that he inspired many with his personal story and commitment to youth, the power of cultural competence in classrooms and other settings, and just the right amount of humor.” – Rebecca Kelley, National Director, Achievement Gap initiatives, YMCA OF THE USA

“Evaluations from your session were overwhelmingly positive. The audience appreciated your candid presentation of the importance of culturally sensitive reading materials, especially for young boys of color.” – Andrea Murray, Director of Conference and Training, Wisconsin Early Childhood Association

“Every Student in America needs to hear what Alvin Irby has to say about youth, education, and his nonprofit initiative Barbershop Books. His speech at Archimedes Academy to our Middle and High School youth was invigorating, thought-provoking, and refreshingly honest – and sometimes even a little blunt – but always right on target. He sparked a high level of discussion among our students who are still buzzing about his words on taking ownership of your success and making positive decisions. I highly recommend Mr. Irby as an exceptional speaker for any class or youth group.” – Scott Dentz, Assistant Principal, Archimedes Academy for Math, Science, and Technology