My eclectic interests in early childhood education, stand up comedy, social psychology, public speaking, and writing have fueled my desire to better understand how to engage, inspire, and educate specific audiences (i.e., children, teachers, parents, barbers). Over the past 11 years, I have used and documented a variety of cultural competency strategies, which have enabled me to translate what I want adults and children to know or do into communication and experiences that my target audience finds relevant and engaging.

Simple human interactions, such as a greeting, require only a basic level of cultural competency, and thus, elementary knowledge of and the ability to communicate through written/spoken language (hello) or a physical/nonverbal gesture (a wave). However, the complex professional and personal challenges that individuals face each day often require significantly higher levels of cultural competency. Whether cultivating the reading identities of a classroom full of kindergartners, training barbers to create positive early reading experiences for reluctant readers in their shops, or making an audience of complete strangers laugh at the same joke, I am often reminded that cultural competency is a journey - not a destination.